The townships of Taitung are located in a natural cradle between the mountains and the ocean.
When arriving in Taitung county, travelers always say you feel a world away from urban Taiwan.
Taitung delivers a unique view of life, where bonfire smoke winds around steep mountains, where people wear indigenous crowns of beautiful flowers, and where you can discover colorful glass beads made by craftspeople.
In piecing together the ‘Be Real’ campaign, our film crew unveiled Taitung’s unlimited natural and cultural beauty. Join us for stunning drone camera views of hot air balloons rising into the sky – high above the ocean, the mountains, and the exquisite local peoples who call Taitung home.
Whether it’s yearning for peace at the break of dawn, or being immersed in the concentration of a noisy fish market, let the magnificent country view touch you.
In Taitung, we believe in slow and real living – the most charming value of life.
Be Real! Taitung. Be real! You.
Come back home, to live your own life.
Client: ZZTaitung
Location: Taitung
Durartion: 5:00
Year: 2021

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