NewHandLab, a soul made of wool

Newhandlab is a living place, with history, with art, with life, with artists, with events, with exhibitions, with artistic residencies and much more. Where looms once worked day and night producing unique fabrics, in a city where fabric production was king and which has already been dubbed the Portuguese Manchester, today lives art, artists, past, future and present. In the building of this former weaving factory, classified as a building of public interest, creativity boils in different ways, with the speed and energy of ancient looms, where the thread ran and intertwined, creating fabrics with unique shapes and designs. It is this past, present and future that we try to imprint in this film, with the same speed, intensity and energy as the ancient weavers, starting in Serra da Estrela where shepherds and sheep created wool as a raw material, to the more contemporary art that is created in the Newhandlab always with wool and its history as inspiration.
Client: NewHandLab
Location: Portugal
Durartion: 1:50
Year: 2022

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