There is Power In our Mountains

‘There is Power in our Mountains.’

Semonkong Lodge, situated in the heart of Lesotho – Southern Africa, has just released a new short film showcasing the country and the endless mountain adventures right on its doorstep. Most famous for operating the World Record Abseil alongside the Maletsunyane Falls, Semonkong Lodge has highlighted a different adventure in this production. It introduces a tailored overnight trek featuring local guides and packhorse teams for an immersive experience of mountain life and Basotho culture.

Lesotho, ‘The Mountain Kingdom,’ is a hidden gem abundant with warm and friendly people, wild landscapes, vertical cliffs and meandering rivers. Fortuitously, some of these remote areas are accessible to exploration by the use of established shepherds’ trails crisscrossing the landscape.

This unique trekking experience leaves visitors with an understanding of a culture untainted by modern norms and a deep appreciation for a simpler way of life.

Location: Lesotho
Client: Semonkong Lodge
Film maker: Love Africa Marketing
Duration: 5:21
Year: 2022

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