Monção Deixa Marca

The film by Portuguese director Leonel Vieira that promotes the Municipality of Monção, showing the authentic and real promise that the “Marca Monção” has in its genesis: Monção is Monção. Not everything, but much more than just one thing. It is just like us, made of paradoxes. On its own way! Always with distinct and independent arguments, but with one thing in common: its people.
Monção is not a character, it’s a stage! When it is not seen as a whole, it is felt, through its traditions, customs, places, landscapes and people, which give it life and make it beautiful and fascinating. Monção, the land where everything happens. The place where you will have unique moments, that will never be repeated. Monção Leaves a Mark.
Client: Municipallity of Monção Portugal
Location: Portugal
Durartion: 2:02
Year: 2022

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