《24-Hour Keelung》

SANDY.HXM is a singer-songwriter / creative director who composes music and produces video based on different themes. She collaborates with “Keelung City Government Department of Tourism and City Marketing” to introduce Keelung’s attractions in the form of Japanese pop/rap music, hoping to present the beauty of Keelung in a 4-minute song. Through its music arrangement and videography, this music video aims to bring out the atmosphere of Keelung being a beautiful port city. The title of the song is called “24-hour Keelung”, presenting viewers with a 24-hour tour guide from morning, evening till the sunrise.
Producer: SANDY.HXM
Director: Giant / SANDY.HXM

Client:  Keelung City Government Department of Tourism and City Marketing
Location: Keelung City
Duration: 4:31
Year: 2021

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