It’s only 3 days

Pedro decides to take a trip, with friends, through the center of Portugal. Initially, it was “”only 3 days””. But he quickly realizes that “”only 3 days”” is not enough to discover the diversity and richness of the destination. He ends up “”getting lost”” because of how much there is to see, do and know. And the trip, planned for just 3 days, becomes a journey of reencounter with yourself, a trip in which, at each stop, you unite more with the destination and its traditions, with “”its people””, ending up feeling an enormous difficulty to return home, even if the longing increases.
He feels that the places he visits, and the people he crosses paths with, want his time and he wants “”just one more day””. In the end, he realizes that this trip takes on a whole new meaning with the presence of those he misses most: his family.

Director: Lobby Films and Advertising
Client: Turismo Centro Portugal
Location: Portugal

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