The Battlefields

The Battlefields Tour from Babanango Game Reserve, South Africa.
The Battlefields short film gives the audience a snapshot of the emotive journey of storytelling in this historic area of significance.
Babanango Game Reserve, located in the sacred Valley of Kings and iconic Zulu battlegrounds, is more than a safari experience. It holds within its hills a rich history of battles once fought on its land. Blood River, Isandlwana and Rorke’s Drift are some of the more iconic historical battle sites which lie within close proximity to the reserve. Relive the sagas of royalty and retaliation by joining our historical interpretive tours, which take place from Babanango Valley Lodge. “A very remarkable people the Zulus: they defeat our generals, they convert our bishops, they have settled the fate of a great European dynasty.” – Benjamin Disraeli, Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
The short film aims to showcase this popular tourism activity, while highlighting the proximity to the Babanango Game Reserve who operate guided tours of these historic battles.


Director: Nicola Leah Gerrard
Location: South Africa

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