No Joy in Life is Small

Finalist, International Competition, JWTFF2022

The importance of small joys:
The new campaign responds to the complexity of the current scenario, a world in constant change after the global impact of the pandemic, in need of hope and optimism.
Joy, dance and music as a segmentation tool:
Under the motto ‘There is no small joy’, the narrative development is carried out through music and dance, through a musical that runs throughout Andalusia, conveying a more positive, vital and attractive message, to conquer the public with its ability to seduction.
Innovative motivational musical pills and activating content:
The spots are transmitted as little motivational story-pills, narrated by Antonio Banderas and danced like a musical.
It also has multiple segmented materials, to drive up to 18 different product segments:
The new creative line aims to create a new brand image, its own visual code and an identity of differential relationship with each consumer. Current, memorable, attractive and elegant.

Producer:Eduard Baldrís
Director:Juanma Carrillo

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