Yoron Island Your own life, your own voyage. 4K

Finalist, International Competition, JWTFF2022

To attract more tourists to Yoron Island by showing how everything on the island repeats its life in everlasting cycle.

Like in a picture book, everything is alive in this film. At first Yoron Island starts to talk about itself. The window takes over. A cow’s tail, a mask, a cup, an ebb tide… everything introduces itself.
Everything comes and goes. Everything repeats on Yoron Island again and again in the everlasting cycle. Ordinary days are never ordinary but special. They are consisted of thin layers of special days.
It doesn’t matter to Yoron if you remember Yoron or not. Still, if you happen to drop in on Yoron during a long journey of your life, it couldn’t be happier.
You’ll surely find your own life during your own voyage to Yoron Island.

Director:Kentaro Kusunoki

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