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Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival the 3rd.

The Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival, which has been held in Nakanoshima, Osaka since 2019, will be held on March 2nd and 3rd this year by moving the venue to Kiyomizu-dera TEMPLE, Kyoto. The Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival is the first and only international tourism Film festival in Japan launched by Professor Tsuyoshi Kigawa, who researches Tourism Film.

We have been officially certified to join the CIFFT which is network of international tourism film festivals organization accredited by the UNWTO on November 24th 2020. Therefore, it will be the first time opportunity since the official membership approved. In consideration of the current expansion of COVID-19, it will be released to the world with online.

The total number of applications for the 3rd Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival is 120 in Japan and 1,207 international, so, total applicants number is 1,327, the largest ever. Judging by categories such as Tourism Destination and Tourism Product, each category award and the highest award will be selected on the second day of Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival.

At the Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival, Kiyomizu-dera TEMPLE will broadcast the end of COVID-19 and the memorial service for world peace, as well as symposiums on tourism film, digital marketing, XR(X-Reality, and Cross-Reality), etc. In addition, as the first initiative trial of this year, we will hold a debriefing session of ART & FACTORY JAPAN, an art project on Yoron Island where creators stayed and thought about the relationship between tourism and residents while creating tourism films.


date:3/2/2021(TUE) – 3/3/2021(WED) 9:30 − 17:30
place:Kiyomizu-dera Temple

Holding method

Online delivery from the venue.
URL will be posted on the homepage by the day.

ART & FACTORY JAPAN co-sponsored / cooperated

o-sponsored by: Yoron Town / Cooperation: DJI JAPAN Co., Ltd.
This project is currently available based on the cloud-funding at Motion Gallery. The reward items are such a way of the right to vote for ART & FACTORY JAPAN works, local specialties of Yoron Town and famous Sake etc.Through such a mechanism like this , we will seek new methods for promoting local tourism and attracting tourists.


The award ceremony for the application video, the memorial service for the end of the Coronavirus at Kiyomizu-dera temple and the dialogue toward the world, the ART & FACTORY JAPAN premiere screening and the symposium will be delivered with online. Details will be announced on the official website one by one.

To the press

If you would like to make a detailed report on the day of the event,please ask reception desk.
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