Special Awards

Title Director
The Best East Asia Film The Best Film 春櫻夜 A Night Tour in the Dream of Spring Cherry-Blossoms Ma,Whei-Da
Good Film 來台東,找回你的野 |Return to the Wild Bito 甲蟲創意 劉耕名 Keng-Ming Liu
Good Film Culture tour in Payuan Community Slate Houses(舊筏灣部落觀光遊程) Ching-fa Chien(簡慶發)
Good Film Tamsui-Kavalan Trails Qing-Yang Xiao
Good Film Lost in and fall for the wild west – Yun-Lin, Taiwan Mr. Chih-wen Weng
Music Video in Tourism The Best Film あるある直島 福島真希
Good Film Higher Jay Chern
Good Film Wanderlust Dani Aridi
Short Film in Tourism The Best Film 遠山GO! vol.3 秋_ココにあるモノ 片元亮
Good Film Love Cape Town, The Movie Rory Appleton and Rubert FItchet (Sledgehammer Studio)
Good Fi


Short Film “YORON” Hiroshi Negishi

田中光敏監督賞 あるある直島