Found Taitung! The 2021 Taitung Image Calendar Will Take You Through Taitung!

What scene comes to mind when you think of Taitung?
Pretend you’re standing beside the window frame, you might be pondering yourself to the train station or airport bound to Taitung, what do you wish to see? The golden rice ears swaying in the wind? The magnificent scenery of the azure blue coastline? Or maybe, the activities in the market with lively music? Which Taitung scene reflects in your heart?
The 2021 Taitung Image Calendar is available in paperback or hardcover. The hardcover book was made in collaboration with the undefeated winner of the National Skills Competition St. Joseph Technical Senior High School and longtime local farm H.O.T. Island Music. The unique hardcover wood box was produced by mixing and matching leftover wood with new materials. This process was completed by local students, teachers, and Taitung craftsmen with a very limited time frame.
Client: Taitung County Government
Location: Taitung
Durartion: 1:17
Year: 2020

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