Catalonia is appetising

Núria, Maria, Marc and Francesc are four gastronomy enthusiasts who worked together, a few years ago, in different emblematic restaurants in Catalonia. These restaurants were led for great chefs of our land such as Carme Ruscalleda and Ferran Adrià, so our main characters were first-person witnesses to the emergence of our gastronomy.
It turns out that twenty years ago, Catalan gastronomy broke down every imaginable boundary and became a world reference. Also, several chefs and sommeliers did it and our four protagonists are a great example of this. After their stays in different restaurants around the country, they exported their knowledge all over the world, Cesc to Tokyo, Núria to Paris, and Marc to Chicago. Maria continued in Catalonia where she has become a renowned sommelier, as her passion has always been wine growing.
Now, twenty years later and scattered around the world, they receive a message from Marc who makes them an offer they cannot refuse: to return to the land where they were born in order to enjoy an enogastronomic route through the most flavorsome areas of Catalonia.
Throughout their journey, we will discover that in addition to cooking, they all have other passions that have inspired them when they lacked creativity. Núria with photography, Cesc with poetry, Maria with drawing, and Marc with social networks.
Thus, all of them, from their respective passions, capture moments of this journey that will take them back to the creative spirit with which they started, making the famous phrase “”to know where you are going, you have to know where you are coming from””.
This journey will culminate with a scene that it is better not to reveal, we will only say that the journey is conceptually marked by a phrase of Ferran Adrià: “”In the parentheses, innovation grows. Stop, think, plan. And then produce””. And this journey – backward movement of our protagonists will be the most savory parenthesis of their lives.
Client: Catalan Tourist Board
Location: Spain
Durartion: 3:44
Year: 2022

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