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With the emergence of the pandemic and the consequent changes in daily life, we were given the opportunity to see from another perspective what is really important or not.
This had repercussions on the economy, in the way we socialize, because we started having to physically distance ourselves from each other and also in the way we work. The internet ended up presenting itself as the solution to replace physical proximity, allowing us to get close, without really being.
This had a direct impact on social relationships, whether they were work or not, but at work it made us realize how relative the importance of physical presence is. This is precisely what our campaign is based on.
We want to raise the question: why am I, who am working from home in a country where I have to put up with the harsh winter I can’t be comfortably in Cascais where the weather is
more favorable, where the leisure options are varied and where I have all the conditions for remote work?
Because Cascais has all the conditions for remote work: High-speed computer network; cowork spaces; Support structures for companies and entrepreneurship; Proximity to Lisbon and its airport; A welcome center that helps take care of everything;
In addition, Cascais has all the possibilities to offer several “cherries on top of the cake”: Soft weather; Long Sun hours; Beach and water sports; Mountain range; Rich History; Varied Culture; affordable accommodation; Rich Gastronomy.
Location: Portugal
Durartion: 0:54
Year: 2022

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