The journey of your life

We usually know how a journey begins but not how it ends. And that’s probably why we love traveling so much. In the “The Journey of Your Life” we follow Jana, a young teenager, and her parents on a wonderful journey around Catalonia. Jana’s parents want it to be an unforgettable holiday because they think it will be the last trip their teenage daughter agrees to go on with them.
However, what Jana does not expect is to find herself admiring the landscape, having fun on the beaches, savoring Catalan cuisine, meeting new friends, and reconnecting with herself in a way she has never done before. This journey is stimulating and generates excitement and what our heroine started out doing as an obligation ends up being too short for her and she wishes it would never end. This whole experience is presented to the user with an innovative feature: the multi-camera experience. The way we consume audiovisual products has changed. This has meant that technology has evolved a great deal in recent years to adapt to new digital consumption formats and deliver new and better experiences to the public against a background of fierce competition with a huge range of content.
Nowadays we can no longer simply talk about viewers but rather have to address users, and in addition to a story/content which engages them users seek to have an experience and take part in it. Catalonia presents an advertising campaign applying the user experience through a multi-camera approach: the director’s view gives us a wide viewing angle for a conventional narration of the story, the mobile phone’s built-in camera gives us an experiential, personal and human point of view, and finally, the drone view gives us a landscape and panoramic perspective with a pastoral tone and the continuous references on the map mean that we know where the family is at all times. In a nutshell, “The Journey of Your Life” is an eye-catching piece that tells a very touching story, one that’s exceptionally realistic and with a clear insight: who else has wished that a journey would never end?
Client: Catalan Tourist Board
Location: Spain
Durartion: 5:31
Year: 2022

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