Italia: where “WOW” belongs

Grand Prix, JWTFF2020

The Best Film, Independent Travel Video, JWTFF2020

2nd Place, Nature&Rural Tourism, JWTFF2020

3rd Place, Tourism Destinations Countries, JWTFF2020

3rd Place, Toursim Products, JWTFF2020


This video is almost a self portrait: product of the blood,s weat and tears (ofjoy!) of 4 thoroughly and truly Italian shutter bugs on an overwhelming journey into the heart of their country’s beauty. The idea was very simple.We wanted to hop into our camper and take off to create a representation of how we see our beloved Italia with all her unparalleled beauty gravitating around food (lotsofit!) and a beautiful mess of people. But we could never have imagined how difficult the execution of this idea was going to be. Over 5000kms through Italy is less than 2 months made us fall in love all over again.

Wow Tapes
Simone Menin, Fabio Reitano, Giurseppe Lombardi, Filippo Golin

Italy: Roma, Firenze, Milano, Napoli, Udine, Trento…



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