MOARE|木製照明のモアレ – Illumination in unison with nature




Since ancient times, trees have played an important role in Japanese culture.

There is something about wood that, when it is present in our daily life, it eases our minds.

After all, that feeling is embedded in our DNA, so when we are in constant exposure with something made of wood, an overflowing warmth runs throughout our whole self.

Humans feel unsafe in darkness, that’s why even a feeble light at the end of the road gives us hope and a feeling of safety.

The very heart of Hida region’s technique and workmanship that has been passed down for generations provides a special synergy between illumination and the feeling of warmth in raw materials. This offers a unique experience through a delicate illumination

Our mission is to offer products that are highly valued all over the world even after 50, 100, or more years.


プロデューサー名:寺地 福太郎
監督名:寺地 福太郎

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