The Winds of ShenAo Bay

Director’s Award, Special Section, JWTFF2019

ShenAo was discovered in the area near Taiwan’s northeast coast, the gold mine turned “Jinguashih” and “Jiufen” into prosperous mining towns. To make transportation more convenient from the gold mines, the Japanese built a mining railway from Bachimen, Badouzi, ShenAo all the way to ShueiNanDong, which has become the most beautiful coast branch line “ShenAo Line” in Taiwan. ShenAo Railbike, was created together by New Taipei City Government and Taiwan Railways Administration. ShenAo Railbike features views of the mountains and sea alike. The renovation gives new life to the abandoned railway tracks, and combines the views of the coast, eco-system, mines deposits, and railways to create a brand-new traveling experience for tourists. It also reinvigorates the local history and boosts tourists’ crave for nature. Last but not least, it connects near-by tourist spots such as ShenAo Harbor, Trunk Rock, Chaojing Park, National Museum of Marine Science& Technology, ShueiNanDong, JinGuaShih, and Jiufen, providing tourists with various scenic spots along the Mountain and Coast Line. This promotional film characterizes the connections tourists make while traveling, expressing that no matter the language barrier, that tourists from all over the world can find their own surprise while traveling to New Taipei, Taiwan.

New Taipei City Government
Jay Chern
Promotional Films (less than 15’)
New Taipei City, Taiwan


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