Love Story by PPS is a narrative author short film aimed at portraying, in an innovative language, the human dimension of the spaces designed by PPS Pilar Paiva de Sousa Architecture and Interior Design Studio. The narrative concept of the script is supported by a simple approach, in a love story style, that conveys a luxury environment, in a refined yet modern site, where the characters seem to have come from a fairy tale, somewhat unrealistic, but believable none the less. The story takes place in a charm and refined hotel, with an interior design decoration by PPS (advertiser and sponsor). The hotel could be in any historical place in Europe. The scenic environment is in line with the people we see. The main characters are a man and a women, in their thirties, that don’t know each other.

Two strangers, a man and a woman, check in to a romantic hotel. On the way to their rooms they collide and, in a climate of love at first sight, inadvertently switch their room keys. He uses the camera she left in the room to send her a message, inviting her for a drink. Night passes and she only sees the message the next day. She tries to set up a new date for a lunch, at a beautiful window table but… is it too late?

Filmes da Mente
Nuno Rocha
Chantilly, France

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