About Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival

Need improvement of  Tourism Films to encourage Japanese Tourism industry.

For Japanese economics, attracting Inbound tourists is important. The number of them is now large eight times as much as it was ten years ago. While, tourism prosper in Japan, over tourism come to be one of big problems. Also, tourism expand for not only tourism industries but also sustainable development of local governments. In other words, tourism become general policy for them. At the same time, concept of DMO which make tourism strategies from SDGs and use PDCA cycle is emerging in these days. Then, 5G will be start from now on.

Under such conditions, tourism films come to be more valuable tools for branding and marketing like how to invite inbound tourists and how to manage tourist destinations sustainably.  However, examples tourism films regarded as such positions are few in Japan. Thus, our film festival would like to discuss the future of tourism films with everyone.

On the other hand, there are many countries where have prospered by tourism and enhanced ideas and  skills of tourism all over the world. Japan should learn from their tourism films and consider what should we spread to the world. 

Our film festival associates with the “ART&TUR” and “TERRES TRAVEL FESTIVAL”, historical international tourism film festivals in Portugal and Spain. Thanks to this connection, not only  Japanese current tourism films but also cutting edges of the world’s tourism films gather our festival. Through screening these films,  professionals of communication technologies like tourism, films and 5Gs discuss and ponder the future of tourism films. That is Japan World’s Tourism Film Festival.

The very first festival will be held in Osaka, Japan.