This promotional film characterizes the connections tourists make while traveling, expressing that no matter the language barrier, through the MV that tourists from all over the world can find their own surprise while traveling to “”Route 2 Taiwan”” in New Taipei, Taiwan. Besides, the scenery of Higher are shooting in “Route 2 Taiwan” area.

About Route 2 Taiwan

With a rich natural ecological resource and cultural history, New Taipei City contains precious natural treasures of the island. Along the Provincial Highway 2, Taiwan’s longest green tourism route “”Route 2 Taiwan”” Tamsui and Cape Santiago. This route features the most beautiful road trip journey with low-carbon mobility such as Railbike, electric scooters, electric buses, and trains. Also, “”Route 2 Taiwan”” is the Offline-Trip to the mountains and seas -Keelung, Ruifang and Gongliao.

New Taipei City Tourism and Travel Department
Jay Chern

New Taipei, Taiwan